Another favourite with the reviewers

Uni-ball Jetstream SXN-217 rollerball pens are super-smooth, ultra-quick-drying, waterproof and fade proof with Uni Super Ink which is a hybrid ink, a cross between ballpoint (oil-based) ink and rollerball (water-based) ink. This means is behaves much as ballpoint ink does: fast drying, waterproof and fade-resistant. However it avoids some of the less desirable characteristics of ballpoint ink by not being gloopy and gunky making it Ideal for left-handers as the ink dries so fast there is little chance of smudging.
Uni-ball Jetstream is a click-retractable pen with a smart rubberised barrel and chrome accents.

1 Black and 1 Blue pen

2x Uni-ball Jetstream SXN-217 Retractable rollerball pen

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