Inkjet Printer Shortages

As the market adapts to the coronavirus situation, delays emerge as the demand for inkjet grows.

Since the pandemic lockdown started the demand for inkjet printers and consumers has grown.


In March we reported that one retailer told us “We sold 150 inkjet printers last week, it was all our stock.” We contacted him again yesterday and it is a slightly different story. He shared with us that “we sold another 420 printers in April and so far this month another 150, or we will as soon as they arrive.”

Several other retailers are reporting disruptions in the production or delivery cycle that lead to delivery delays from most OEMs. The effects of the Coronavirus are now clearly felt in the consumer materials #OEM market.


Numerous disruptions in the production or delivery cycle lead to delivery delays and bottlenecks, especially in the ink sector (HP, Canon, etc. For this reason, it is not always possible for us to meet your possible best-before date (MHD) specifications.”

Earlier this month Armor reported that “demand for certain inkjet products (orders have grown by 200% compared to April 2019

BROTHER AUSTRALIA flew in a cargo plane full of printers in April to keep up with the orders it has received.

This situation hopefully will rectify itself by June after talking to major manufactures as to when supply can catch up…. As for heavily discounted specials on printers ………I don’t think so