No internet connection, not a problem as HP now updates firmware direct from the chip resident on the cartridge.
In May 2020 HP released the newly W2080A/118A series cartridges, which are capable of upgrading the corresponding printers without being connected to a network. According to The Recycler tech guru, recent innovations to network hubs and new firmware blockers successfully manage to limit network delivered upgrades. This upgrade is contained in the encrypted chip resident on the toner cartridge. Once the cartridge is installed in the printer, the “handshake” between the printer and the cartridge is made and determines the firmware status of the printer and that activates the upgrade if it is needed and no internet connection required.
It is expected that the newly manufactured HP MFP 179fnw printers has installed the upgraded OEM cartridge, which also enable a firmware upgrade to the printer as soon as you start to use it.
According to the HP website the printer has “dynamic security enabled” (remember these words) and is “only intended to be used with cartridges using an HP original chip. Cartridges using a non-HP chip may not work, and those that work today may not work in the future.”
Let’s put this into perspective
HP MFP 179fnw sells for $300 - $350…..sounds cheap for a colour laser printer.
Ok here’s the kicker, HP Colour toners to suit are $80 each x 4 = $320 for Appox 700 pages, that’s a ream and a half of paper and you need a full set……again and you must use genuine cartridges…remember those words “dynamic security enabled” aka for HP …Got Ya
Industry speculation is that the W2060A/116A, W2070A/117A, W2090A/119A series cartridges, and CLT-515/510 series for Samsung printers ( now owned by HP) will be similarly upgraded in the near future.
The following DesignJet models may be impacted by the changes:

Printer ModelCartridge Series

HP Designjet T100HP10

HP Designjet T120/T520/T530HP711

HP Designjet T730/T830HP728

HP Designjet T770/T790/T795/T1200/T1300/T1708/T1708dr/T2300HP72

HP Designjet T920/T930/T1500/T1530/T2500/T2530/T3500HP727

HP Designjet T1600/T1600dr/T2600/T2600drHP730

HP Designjet Z6/Z9HP746/747

HP Designjet Z6800/Z6810HP771

Not everyone reads the small print on the HP website, and HP certainly doesn’t make it clear at the point of purchase what dynamic security is and what it means for consumers. A consumer may feel that the dynamic security feature is akin to virus protection. How many consumers would buy the printer if they knew at the point of purchase, that the printer had what dynamic security enabled which meant that the printer is only intended to be used with cartridges using an HP original chip? Or those cartridges using a non-HP chip may not work, and those that work today may not work in the future.
Be very careful